Our Staff are experienced studio technicians and engineers, and have been utilizing digital audio editing and mixing since 1987. We've completed a wide variety of projects for a diverse range of clients, and can offer valuable insight and support for your creative work. In the event that you need to record talent remotely, Dick and Roger's offers ISDN, or phone patch, recording. We also maintain a large and progressive library of stock music and sound effects that may be licensed for use anywhere in the world.

Roger Monk

Roger Monk started his career in audio in 1971 as a staff engineer at Eastern Sound Toronto.

Eastern Sound was the first 24-track studio in Canada, which specialized in corporate and domestic music recording with artists like Anne Murray and Gordon Lightfoot. It was at this time that he developed a specific interest in surround sound recording and mixing for the then newly developed IMAX projection and sound system.

1974 brought Roger to Vancouver, Canada. He was hired as chief engineer at Little Mountain Sound Studios and he remained there for 17 years. Roger's forte during this time was in recording 'middle of the road' big band and orchestral music. He was an early pioneer in locking ¾ inch video tape with multi track audio machines in 1984. In 1987 he was a leader in recording, editing and manipulating audio on the first ever made hard disk based, digital audio workstations.

Since 1990 "Dick & Roger's Sound Studios" has been a leader in the digital post-production studio market place. With focus serving the corporate, television and motion picture industries, he has recorded in excess of 35 motion picture & television film scores, and his studios have delivered hundreds of hours of broadcast and direct-to-DVD products.

Roger has recorded practically all types of music; everything from country & western to big band, bag pipe bands to choral groups, rock & roll to large orchestras. He has produced thousands of corporate and promotional projects, exhibitions, theatre, television and stage shows and dozens of orchestral scores for motion pictures. Over his 40 years in the industry he's received many awards & accolades. He is a member of the Cinema Audio Society.

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